September 1st

Attention Warrior Moms

Posted by Jenny Hart - Owner

"Even the most courageous warriors need to remember this simple wisdom: there is a time to take on the world and a time to rest, replenish, and reflect"

~Jillian Klarl

I wanted to take the opportunity, since this is my first post, to share this quote and remind new mothers of this: It is essential for you to rest, replenish, and reflect on becoming a mother in your "fourth trimester". For centuries, and many cultures still to this day, new mothers have been supported by their community and their families. We have lost sight of this in our new, fast paced world. There is a direct connection to the decrease in postnatal support and the increase in postpartum depression. We are expected to just hit the ground running after we give birth. A lot of the time, we put those pressures on ourselves so that we can measure up to unrealistic expectations of "the perfect Mother", and that is setting us up to feel like failures. We can be Warrior Moms, but we have to ensure that our mind, body, and soul are ready to armor up.

I luckily had the support from my family after the birth of Kaiah. We rested, we bonded, I learned who she was and also had the opportunity to learn who I was now that I had entered the "Honored Mother Society".

It was the driving force for me to take my skin care experience into a world that is starting to be forgotten. Every new mother deserves the nurturing support of a postnatal sanctuary and I am ready to fight for that.