September 13th

Babies in Bloom!

Posted by Jenny Hart - Owner

"Even the most courageous warriors need to remember this simple wisdom: there is a time to take on the world and a time to rest, replenish, and reflect"

~Jillian Klarl

I hope to make Honored Mother not just a successful business, but part of a movement of our community to focus more on the support and enrichment of our family structures, starting from the womb.  So when I see other businesses in the community stepping up as well, I start to get really excited!!!

While researching Breastfeeding Support classes in North County, I came across an amazing place called Babies in Bloom in Vista.  I walked in to check it out and was immediately enveloped in a serene and supportive environment.  It isn't just a shop with retail, its a resource center to its core.  They carry all of the important Baby/ Mommy items you could need, including cloth diaper supplies, postnatal treatment products for Mommy, etc.  I also was amazed to find a "Lactation Lounge" and a beautiful studio where classes are offered.  So, in short, my hat goes off to Babies in Bloom for stepping up and offering such an important service to the community.  The classes and groups offered there are below:

Babies in Bloom!